Read This Activity Guide When Visiting Durango, CO

Why Should I Visit Durango?

Durango, Colorado is a beautiful, family-friendly vacation spot near Colorado Springs, CO. Durango offers a variety of outdoor activities from biking, hiking, and rafting. One of the most famous attractions in Durango is riding on the trains of the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This train allows passengers to see scenic mountain views from a coal-powered train and makes for great photo opportunities.

Durango has several brewing companies including the Animas Brewing Company is located close to the Animas River Trail and close to the train route. Durango has many great dining options. If you’re a pet parent, you’re in luck because Durango is a dog-friendly vacation destination! Dogs can take part in many outdoor activities and sit outside on patios with you while you eat.

One fantastic new addition to the area is a 68 million dollar New Santa Rita Water Reclamation Sewage Facility in Durango

What’s the Best Way to Get There?

If you’re looking for the most affordable option to get to Durango, taking a bus is the most affordable option. Prices can vary according to your location (the closer you are to CO, the less the ticket costs), but a typical ticket price is around $60-$116 dollars for a round-trip ticket. The downside is that if you live a long way from Colorado, buses make lots of stops and the trip can be longer depending on your departure point. Flying is the fastest and most convenient option. Price ranges vary from the low end of $182-$500.

There is always the option of taking your car or RV when traveling to Durango. The city has several RV parks and outdoor areas and this can be a more affordable option for travelers. The three top RV parks in Durango are Bayfield Riverside RV Park, Aspen Rose RV Park, and Westerly RV Park.

Where Should I Stay?

Well if you are not a Durango Local which is quite obvious by now you have many ways of becoming one.

If you are not coming by an RV, there are several places to stay in Durango from the more familiar budget hotels to larger more posh accommodations. If you’re looking for affordability these are the top five hotels in Durango.:

  • Quality Inn: Through Trip Advisor, one night for two adults is $53. There are amenities such as free Wi-Fi and they welcome any size of a pet into their rooms (there are specific rooms and an extra pet fee is required). There is also an indoor hot tub and heated outdoor swimming pool.
  • The Wapiti Lodge: Wapiti means “elk” in Cree language and this hotel is affordable at $53 a night. There is a game room, free Wi-Fi, it is pet friendly, and has free pa
  • Days Inn: This hotel starts at $59 a night for two adults and is a well-known hotel chain. The amenities include free parking, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and an outdoor pool
  • Motel Durango: The motel starts at $55 a night and offers free cancellations. There are amenities such as pet-friendly rooms, specific smoking areas, Jacuzzi and a hot tub.
  • Adobe Inn Durango: This motel starts at $50 a night. This motel is located close to the historic downtown.

What Should I Do in Durango?

There are many options available to someone visiting Durango including most outdoor activities. Durango is noted for its water-related activities as well as skiing are some of the most popular attractions and destinations.

1. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: Do you like history or trains? Do you like mountain views and beautiful scenery? Then riding on the railroad is a good activity and it is great for the whole family! There are all kinds of different events including brew hops, special event rides (Easter, Christmas) and the Polar Express during the Christmas holidays.

2. Hike the Animas River Trail This trail runs along a river and is great for cycling, hiking, and jogging. The trail goes through several city parks.

3. Ride Down the Animas: Durango not only offer scenic beauty for hiking, but water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and rafting. The water can be a welcome respite during the summer when temperatures tend to climb

4. Skiing: Colorado is famous for its snowy mountain tops, and Durango is no exception. Of course, skiing will be seasonal and best during the winter months. The Purgatory Ski Resort has 1,600 acres and thirteen ski lifts.

5. Explore the Wild West: Historic Durango is an old western town, and Durango displays its historic past. There are historic buildings and mining and railroad history.

Where Should I Go to Grab a Bite?

Durango has many breweries and restaurants with a variety of tastes for everyone. These are the top five recommended places to grab something to eat.

· The Harvest Grill and Greens: This restaurant is located close to the Animas River Valley and dishes include hamburgers and steak sandwiches. The food is fresh coming from nearby suppliers.

· Ken and Sue’s Restaurant: This is a Mom and Pop restaurant that has vegan and vegetarian options available. There are several comfort foods such as meatloaf, salads, and chicken.

· Eolus Bar and Dining: This bar specializes in more artistic looking food and has Happy Hour. Some of the most well-known dishes are pan-seared duck breast and sushi options.

· Oscar’s Cafe: This has been a locally owned business for thirty-five years and is billed as “Durango’s Best Breakfast Location.” The cafe includes classic comfort food such as chicken-fried steak and French toast.

· Fired Up Pizzeria: The pizza is handcrafted here with imported ingredients and pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven.